mRung 2in1 – portable hangboard


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mRung 2in1 is a portable training and warm-up hangboard designed to improve open and closed grip strength. mRung 2in1 is a classic mini wooden hangboard or campus slat, which can be used as an independent training device, a campus slat with various grips and as a great complement to Witchboard Easy and Hard, and also, when using the repcord (included in the set), as a portable fingerboard, the structure of which meets many training aspects and is a useful device during:

  1. warm-up in the rocks or outdoor training;
  2. training at home or on the climbing gym (a great alternative for people who can not mount a standard fingerboard);
  3. exercise on horizontal bar.

mRung 2in1 is made of solid, high-quality alder wood. The material used provides a perfect grip, ensuring the comfort of the skin of your hands.

Hangboard has an asymmetric gripping system.


52cm x 4.7cm x 3.2cm



  • Campus Slat 3.2 cm approx 10°
  • 2 4 finger bars (2 cm deep)
  • 1 central flat bar (1.5 cm deep)
  • 2 mono finger holes (2.5 cm deep)

Weight about 350g

Mounting: 4x 6mm screw + 8mm pin (not included). Repcord included.

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