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SET Witchboard Easy + mRung 2in1

The Wooden Witch Hangboard Easy is designed in collaboration with climbers and physiotherapists in order to ensure maximum training results with minimal risk of injury. The use of high quality hardwood provides excellent grip and comfort for your skin. Designed to improve your open finger strength, closed finger strength, pinch strength, pull ups, press and lock off power. Combined with skin friendly holds which won’t trash your tendons.

Wooden Hangboard Easy holds are concentrated not only on the pockets but also allow you to train on the more commonly used edges, pinches and slopers which give you even more advantage for climbing outside. The Witch fingerboard will make your dream boulders and routes beg for your mercy!

Dimensions: 66cm x 19,5cm x 5,5cm


  • 2 Jugs
  • 2 approx 27,5° Sloper
  • 1 approx 17,5° Sloper
  • 2 slim pinches
  • 2 deep 4 finger holes (4cm deep)
  • 2 2 finger holes (4,7 cm deep)
  • 2 3 finger holes (3,3 cm deep)
  • 2 4 finger bars (1.3 cm deep)
  • 1 central flat bar (2,3 cm deep)
  • 1 central bar (strongly steep (approx 30°) and deep 2.2cm)
  • 1 central bar (strongly steep (approx 30°) and deep 1.8 cm)

Mounting: 4x 6mm screw + 8mm pin (not included).

mRung 2in1 is a portable training and warm-up hangboard designed to improve open and closed grip strength. mRung 2in1 is a classic mini wooden hangboard or campus slat, which can be used as an independent training device, a campus slat with various grips and as a great complement to Witchboard Easy and Hard, and also, when using the repcord (included in the set), as a portable fingerboard, the structure of which meets many training aspects and is a useful device during:

  1. warm-up in the rocks or outdoor training;
  2. training at home or on the climbing gym (a great alternative for people who can not mount a standard fingerboard);
  3. exercise on horizontal bar.

mRung 2in1 is made of solid, high-quality alder wood. The material used provides a perfect grip, ensuring the comfort of the skin of your hands.

Hangboard has an asymmetric gripping system.


52cm x 4.7cm x 3.2cm


  • Campus Slat 3.2 cm approx 10°
  • 2 4 finger bars (2 cm deep)
  • 1 central flat bar (1.5 cm deep)
  • 2 mono finger holes (2.5 cm deep)

Weight about 350g

Mounting: 4x 6mm screw + 8mm pin (not included). Repcord included.

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