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The mWitch fingerboard is designed in collaboration with climbers and physiotherapists in order to ensure maximum training results with minimal risk of injury. The width of the fingerboard is 50 cm. It is optimal during the exercise, so that the shoulders are in the optimal position and  the fingerboards are easy to transport.

The use of high quality hardwood provides excellent grip and comfort for your skin.

mWitch is a portable training and warming grip board designed to improve the strength of open, closed finger strength, and compression. The construction fulfilled many aspects of training and is a useful device during:

  1. warm-up in the rocks;
  2. training at home or on the climbing gym (a great alternative for people who can not mount a standard fingerboard);
  3. exercise on horizontal bar.


50cm x 6cm x 6cm


2x deep 4 finger holds (4cm deep)

2x 4 finger bars (1.5 cm deep)

1 central flat bar (3 cm deep)


mWitch is a two-sided grip.

Weight about 900g

Price in EUR: 44€

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